Greetings and thank you for your interest in Two Lanterns Games!  The balding guy in those
pics up there is me, Brent Povis.  My wife, Kaleen, and I met while working Duke University's
TIP summer program for kids in 2007.  From that day forth, the game was afoot on many
fronts.  On the game front, we enthusiastically devoured every 2-player title of any esteem that 
we could lay our hands on and quickly discovered that we needed more.   I wrote up design 
principles that would serve as the core for what I imagined to be the ideal game company
specializing in 2-player games, then strove to design games that would live up to those 
principles.  Morels embraced each one right out of the gate and we felt we had a winner. 
We are designing more 2p games and have several candidates for a 2014 release.

When not playing games of our design, we particularly enjoy Jambo (playing to 100
instead of 60), Dominion, Jaipur, Tikal, Citadels (a 2 player variant that involves drafting
several characters each round), Mr. Jack and Pocket Jack, Scrabble, and Stop Thief (an oldy
but a goody...gotta love those childhood favorites!). 

When not playing games of any kind, which is rare, we enjoy hiking, gardening, factory tours,
and National Park hopping.  To be fair, each of those usually evolves into a game. 

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